Meet The Dietitians


Jessica Todd, MS, RDN, LDN

Meet Jessica, Owner of Perfectly Portioned Nutrition and Co-Owner of Perfectly Portioned Wellness! Jessica has been a registered and licensed dietitian for over 10 years and is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor and the Coordinated Program Director at Georgia State University, in the Department of Nutrition. Jessica enjoys working with clients who struggle with weight management, meal planning, renal disease and/or diabetes.

Jessica’s nutrition philosophy is simple: Nutrition is far from perfect and no one size fits, I believe in working with each person individually and guiding them in the creation of their own nutrition goals. We are all imperfect and each ingredient that goes into our bowl is a component of our nutrition.  I work with clients to tease out the false and empower them to take ownership of their wellness one goal at a time.

Fun Facts

Favorite cocktail: Red Wine
Favorite dessert: Old Fashioned Banana Pudding
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Favorite workout: Hip Hop Dance (even though I look ridiculous)
Best vacation to date: I love them ALL! Most recent, Tulum, Mexico.
Guilty pleasures: Wine, Taco Bell (no judgement), Mindless TV, Bubble Baths
Words she lives by: Live your life with intention and use every ounce of your being to live the life you were born to live. – Anna Brandt

Margot Witteveen, MS, RDN, LDN


Meet Margot, Co-Owner of PPW and our resident expert in Integrative and Functional Nutrition (IFN). As a registered dietitian nutritionist, with over 10 years’ experience – her clients come from all backgrounds and have all types of issues from digestion, autoimmune, food allergy/sensitivity, mood and hormone imbalances to sometimes needing a general diet re-haul. All consults include a personalized treatment plan and a Foundations Diet.  She can meet in person or virtually.

Margot’s nutrition philosophy: I believe in treating the whole person and having a collaboration in which the client (you) are fully involved in. I will take a deep dive into nutritional deficiencies, optimize digestion, physical activity, stress management, sleep hygiene, and hormone imbalances. Putting this all together, a specific whole-foods based plan can be developed and targeted supplementation may be necessary. Other modalities such as acupuncture or meditation may be part of your customized nutrition plan.

Fun Facts

Favorite cocktail: Dry Vodka Martini
Favorite dessert: Pistachio Gelato
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Favorite workout: Running the Beltline and early morning meditation (it keep’s me sane)
Best vacation to date: Margot loves to travel (hopes to visit every continent) with her husband and two boys.
Guilty pleasures: Laying in PJ’s until noon
Words she lives by: 
“Wellness is a full spectrum which includes stress management, sleep practices, and hormone imbalances. It is not just exercise and diet. Learn to manage them all and you will feel and experience the difference”

Leslie Knapp, MS, RDN, LDN

Meet Leslie, one of our registered dietitian nutritionists. Leslie has bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Public Relations from Western Michigan University. She earned her master’s in Health Science from Georgia State University and has been a registered and licensed dietitian for 5 years.  Outside of PPW, Leslie is the Assistant Director at Georgia State University where she provides nutrition counseling, medical nutrition therapy, and nutrition education to all GSU students. Leslie’s nutrition focus is mindfulness and intuitive eating practices. She is passionate about working with individuals to improve their relationship with food and their food thoughts. She has experience with many areas of nutrition, but has increased experience with disordered eating, gastrointestinal conditions, and behavioral health. Leslie loves walking her dog, kayaking or paddle boarding, and practicing yoga. She truly loves trying new restaurants – especially anything featuring cheese or pasta!

Nutrition Philosophy:  I believe all foods can be part of a healthy diet. We often have emotional barriers that prevent us from making thoughtful food decisions. I like working to identify what drives our food choices, so we can regain control of what and how much we eat. I enjoy helping people to eliminate the “good” and “bad” food labels, to understanding what influences their food decisions, and to increase their food acceptance I also like to encourage a mind-body approach to nutrition which includes developing techniques for stress management, sleep hygiene, relaxation, and exercise that are maintainable enjoyable! I can work with you to reset your food behaviors, expand your freedom with food, and improve how you feel mentally and physically!

Fun Facts

Favorite cocktail: Old Fashioned
Favorite dessert: I don’t have much of a sweet tooth – I’d rather have cacio e pepe!
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Favorite workout: Vinyasa Yoga
Best vacation to date: Hawaii with my husband!
Guilty pleasures: Wine, pop culture, horror movies, and reality tv!
Words she lives by: If you change nothing, nothing will change.

Lindsay Baker, RDN, LDN


Meet Lindsay, one of our registered dietitian nutritionist. Lindsay has bachelor degrees in Business Education and Nutrition and Food Science, both from Georgia Southern University, and has been a dietitian for 10 years. She has worked in several areas of nutrition including: oncology, cardiac, pregnancy/women’s health, bariatrics and weight loss, neonatal, and general health/wellness. Lindsay loves to educate not just individuals, but the community as a whole about nutrition. Her focus populations include oncology, pregnancy/women’s health, and general health/wellness/weight loss. She’s a proud dog mama and loves exploring the fantastic restaurant scene Atlanta has to offer when she’s not hanging out at the dog park.

Nutrition Philosophy: Everything in moderation! Food should be enjoyed, not feared. There is always some wiggle room to allow for foods you truly enjoy and I can help you find that! I do not believe in fad diets or severe restriction but like to focus on and encourage lifestyle changes that are realistic. I enjoy helping people make small, but important changes that will produce the results desired to maintain optimal health and wellness. I’m also a big proponent of adding physical activity into a healthy lifestyle and can help with those goals, as well. Small, attainable goals are the key to success and I look forward to helping you meet and exceed those goals to get you to where you want to be!  

Fun Facts

Favorite dessert: Sticky Toffee Pudding from King + Duke
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Favorite workout: Orangetheory
Best vacation to date: Greece (take me back!)
Guilty pleasures: rainy day naps, traveling, red wine, Harry Potter movies, and dessert