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Have you ever worked with a dietitian?

Have you worked with a dietitian? Do you know the difference between a dietitian, a nutritionist, or a health coach? A registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) has completed an accredited undergraduate or graduate degree in nutrition and dietetics, an internship of at least 900 hours, and passed a national board, just like nurses, to practice. RDN’s must earn 75 continuing education credits per cycle to maintain registration and in the state of Georgia, must be licensed to practice. Nutritionists and health coaches are not accredited and are not governed by a national licensing board. These are certificate trained individuals that are limited in what they are allowed to do. If working with an expert in the field of nutrition and dietetics is your goal, choose the RDN.

Our team practices evidence-based science and will work with you to create a customized nutrition plan. We offer a variety of wellness packages and options for add-ons. We combine the science of nutrition but also acknowledge that stress, sleep, and emotional wellbeing contribute to our health. Using expert strategies, we can help you overcome health challenges by integrating these changes into your life. We are also like you – we know what it is like to get “off track” and to not feel our best. Check out our dynamic team who is here to provide you with professional guidance and support. Fill out the form on the contact page and we’ll get you started. We are glad you joined us and look forward to seeing your progress within the PPW community!

Your Goals. Your Plan.

Perfectly Portioned Wellness is an Atlanta based nutrition company that is owned and operated by registered and licensed dietitians, Jessica Todd and Margot Witteveen, with over 10 years of experience.

Wellness Guides

Perfectly Portioned Wellness created the Foundations Guide as a blueprint to jumpstart your wellness journey! The Foundations Guide is another tool in your toolbox to guide you in creating healthy habits, one of the best skills you can give yourself.  Our guide will walk you through the basics for implementing easy and sustainable lifestyle changes. The Foundations Guide includes four sections: Nutrition/Digestion, Sleep, Stress Management and Physical Activity. We believe these areas are the pillars to health and wellness, when one area is imbalanced, the others will suffer as well .

As a bonus, additional sections are included to help guide you in choosing supplements, resources for mindful eating, a digestion log that you can use to track your gut health and a 5-day-no fuss- meal plan!

Here is a wellness guide that can help you get to where you want to be!

Our Foundations Guide is a great tool for those of you that are motivated to make changes. If you need a more individualized approach, we are here for you! We offer 1:1 nutrition coaching and will create a personalized nutrition plan just for you!
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Wellness Packages

Each package includes a 1.5 hour Initial consultation (food and nutrition related history, dietary analysis, individualized goal setting) with 1 follow up (45 minutes). Packages extending beyond a month will have an additional follow up each month. Email communication will occur throughout to ensure your questions are answered and aid in your support along the way.

The one month jump start is designed for those individuals that want to tweak their diet.
The two month is ideal for those who need to do more than tweak their current diet and lifestyle.
The three month package is what we recommend for most. Lifestyle modification takes time and commitment to work, and even more so to maintain.
The six month package is the package that is best for those living with nutrition related diseases, have a large amount of weight to lose, or a long history of unhealthy habits.

Please note: simple questions that align with your established goals are included. If you require an additional session, a onetime follow-up fee of $75 dollars will be charged or you will be asked to wait until your next scheduled appointment.


Indirect Calorimetry is the gold standard for accurately establishing calories needed to maintain, gain, or lose weight.
Not many people can stick to the same daily routine which is why meal plans don’t always work.
Monthly sessions might not be enough for everyone and bimonthly may be needed to achieve your desired goals.