Our Story

Who Are We?

Perfectly Portioned Wellness, founded by Jessica Todd and Margot Witteveen understand that wellness is a journey and there are no quick fixes. We know that detoxes and fad-diets do NOT work and that you deserve to get the right support with a qualified nutrition professional. Each of you have different conditions and health goals which are unique to your lifestyle, age, and body. Therefore, we have put together a team of dietitians to help meet those needs. Our dietitians know that what we eat is influenced by genetics, environment, social circles, financial ability, and psychology. Using evidence-based science, we can help change your lifestyle habits one step at a time. Whether you have a medically diagnosed condition or just want to feel better, we are here for you! Our dietitians are trained in their area of expertise and you will be placed with the person who fits your needs best.

Our Specialties:

Intuitive Eating

Mindful Eating

Integrative and Functional Nutrition

Gastrointestinal Health

Disordered Eating

Women’s Health

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Autoimmune Conditions

Weight Management

Diet For Your Lifestyle