Our Story


Perfectly Portioned Wellness, founded by Jessica Todd and Margot Witteveen understand that women’s health is in need of serious support. Women are frequently not heard and their health issues are often ignored. As functional medicine dietitians, we have the expertise and advanced training to guide women through their hormone imbalances. Your hormone balance is a journey and there are no quick fixes. We know that detoxes and fad-diets do NOT work and that you deserve to get the right support with a qualified nutrition professional.

We aim to educate and empower women. We help guide you through perimenopause/menopause. We work with women who struggle with PCOS and endometriosis.

We do not guess, we test. We use functional testing to understand your hormones and gut health. However, we don’t stop at testing. We use your story, and medical history to create an in-depth FPH (Four Pillars of Health) wellness plan.


Why work with us?

We are licensed and registered dietitians. We practice functional medicine nutrition and have advanced training in hormone health. We have the expertise and training to work with hormone imbalances and changes in your body.

Plus, we are women just like you. 

Why functional medicine testing?

We recommend testing for hormones and gut issues. These data points help us uncover imbalances and detox pathways that we cannot assess just by talking with you or via your nutrition assessment. We use non-invasive testing that you can take in the privacy of your own home. We track your lab trends and make adjustments as needed.

Can you provide virtual consults if I do not live in you area?

Absolutely! We offer both in-person and virtual consults.

Does insurance pay for your services?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover the type of care and services we provide. We focus on prevention and practice precision care. We hope the current healthcare model will change in the future and cover comprehensive services.

What platform do you use?

We use Practice Better to communicate, meet virtually, and store your medical information. It is a HIPPA compliant platform. Your FPH recommendations, supplements, and referrals will be located in one place. You can download the App and use it for quick messaging. Our clients love this feature!

Why meal planning isn’t the answer to your health problems?

We will provide you a sample of meals and snacks to get you started. While there are situations when we recommend temporary elimination diets to find your food triggers and we’ll provide meal plans (i.e. low FODMAP) for those. However, your progression in your journey goes beyond meal plans. Just simply giving you a meal plan to follow will not help you reach your goals.

Meal planning is an invaluable skill that will serve you for life. We’ll teach you how to nourish your body on a cellular level and you can practice this anywhere. You learn to apply the principles that are vital to help you thrive.

Who do you work with?

We work with women who are fully committed to doing the work on their health.

  • Women who are willing to optimize their health through lifestyle changes
  • Women who are willing to understand how hormones and gut health affect their overall well being
  • Women who understand that healing takes time
  • Women who are willing to invest in the lab testing and appropriate recommendations

We are not an ideal fit if….

  • Someone is only interested in their weight and only wants to count calories
  • Someone wants a quick fix or a 30 day detox
  • Someone only wants a meal plan
  • Someone expects immediate results

Yes, I am ready to work with you! Where do I start?

Great! We love working with motivated women. Book your complimentary health strategy call here.

Our Specialties:



Gut Health

Support for your HRT/BHRT



Hormone Imbalances

Genetic Testing + Interpretation

Specialized Hormone + Gut Health Testing