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Deniece - Atlanta, Ga

Menopause is not new to me, but I feel like it is a lifelong journey that as a female, you are in it for life. I like to call it “Menopositive”…a time in my life where I get to discover new and exciting things about myself and my body. At the Happy Hormones event, it was totally refreshing to see and hear women talk about their bodies so freely in such kind and positive ways. I read books on menopositive all the time and follow various doctors on SM, but to be in the presence of women and professionals who care about women’s health in such a kind and giving way was extremely uplifting. I left the event with lots of notes and information that I will continue to share with my friends and fitness followers as well. Thanks Margot and Jessica for offering a well organized and informative evening with other like-minded women in this Menopositive space called life!

Rebecca Magee - founder of Sister Seasons

Margot and Jessica created such a warm, open learning environment. It is such a rarity to be in a space where women are able to ask literally any and all questions, free of shame or judgement, to get the life-changing information they need to support their daily health at every stage of life. And having experts like Margot, Jessica and Katie able to navigate all of those hard questions is such a gift. Every woman deserves this information about her body and access to the tools that can help her thrive. 


I had the pleasure and benefit of working with Margot Witteveen over a 6 month period in 2018-2019. She made the journey of exploring and understanding my eating habits fascinating. I respected the pace she offered in working towards goals we set together, that resulted in profoundly, positive changes in my diet. The outcome was that I learned for the first time, in my middle adult years, how to sustain healthy fuel for my body that allowed me to have energy the entire day. Sugar had been one of my “go tos” for energy for most of my life. In addition to the growth of my knowledge about nutrition, Margot helped create other fabulous beneficial effects in my life…better sleep, healthier hair, and my favorite- feeling strong and energized all day. Margot is a fabulous practitioner of integrative nutrition and not only will you learn a lot, be inspired to make positive changes in your life, but you will love her!