Private Coaching

The Future of Women’s Personalized Wellness

Perfectly Portioned Wellness is an integrative and functional nutrition practice. Co-owners Jessica Todd, MS, RDN, LD & Margot Witteveen, MS, RDN, LD have been practicing for over 13 years. We guide women through perimenopause/menopause and conditions such as PCOS and endometriosis. We help balance women’s hormones through our signature FPH programs and smart testing. No more fuzzy guesses or relying on diet trends. No more doctor’s visit without answers and no more flare-ups. We focus on hormone education and self-advocacy. We help you understand your body by balancing your foundational health.

Wellness Programs

Four Pillars of Health (FPH) is the basis of our unique approach to assessing your hormone health. We look at nutrition, digestion, sleep hygiene, physical activity and stress management. Using a science-based approached, we connect the dots by looking at imbalances through smart testing. We focus on optimizing your detox pathways, digestion, metabolic flexibility, and supporting your adrenals and liver.  We have received additional training on how hormones change through perimenopause and post-menopause. We have the expertise to work with women who have PCOS and endometriosis.

Nothing fancy, just the un-sexy root-cause work (which we love!).

FPH will rebalance and build your hormones.  All our programs include an in-depth FPH assessment , personalized wellness plan, guides, and on-going support. We know there is more to you than diet and exercise. Our bodies are more nuanced and our environment, stress, hormones, gut health, and sleep have a profound effect on our health. We take all of those factors into account when personalizing your lifestyle plan.

Taking HRT/BHRT?

We’ll help you improve your detox pathways and maximize your digestion so you can optimize hormone replacement therapy to help you feel your best.


** We offer a payment plan with our Happy Hormones program. Click below to find out more**

"The best thing you can do for yourself is to learn about your hormones and when provided with the right tools hormone shifts can be less chaotic. " We believe every woman deserves the right to have access to the best functional testing and treatment to feel their best. We treat, educate, and empower women and we do it everyday day!